Link ERP Production Management System



It provides the inventory movement, inventory available, inadequate backup and the information to help the users to the security status of inventory control.


Calculate the real MRP-II, resulting in a variety of MPS, and the MRP analysis report Rearrangement of master production schedule - to allow emergency plug of a single treatment
Provides the preparation of the production materials, and requisitioned business
Provide the production alternative materials to the complex processing
In the production process, it provides the effective tracking and manual controlling.
It can be achieved the production amounts with less consumption.

Provides complete procurement, receipt, inspection, returns and other business information and reports.
Provide a variety of materials with history purchase price.
Qualified supplier management
Provide a full range of sales profits analysis
Tracking each product to provide the historical demand and the prices.
Provide the performance analysis of the sales
Offer a complete sales process
Provide user groups and the user security setting
Provide hundreds and more of system configuration parameters, to make your system more arbitrary.




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