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Conditions of use:
This site established from the Linkage Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") manage the operations and management. Please read the following terms and conditions of the agreement before the use of this site.
Through this website you can link to the Company and affiliates operate other website, before using these websites, please kindly read the published conditions of use, which on the basis of the consent to use.
The Company may change without the prior notice conditions of use of this site; in this case, after the change it will apply to the use of conditions, so please check the latest conditions use of the content.

The Disclaimer:
The company information posted on this website, articles, data, images, photographs, animation, and software and strives to be careful. However, it's accuracy, completeness, usefulness, safety, etc. Do not make guarantees, losses due to the use of the user. The company does not undertake any responsibility.
Through this web site contains the links to other sites under the management of the company's website (such site hereinafter "Third Party Sites"), third-party websites for users, the company does not undertake any responsibility. In addition, through this site to link to third party websites does not mean that the company recommends using the third-party websites to posted on the websites or third party products, services, companies, which does not mean that the company and the operating companies, third-party sites partnership or other relationship between them.
The company may change without prior notice; delete the contents of this site. But also may without prior notice to stop, interrupt, and suspend the operation of this website and so on. User suffers to loss; the company does not undertake any responsibility. In addition, the company is linked to this website and other websites, and this website does not assume any responsibility to the user.

The Copyright:
The website published articles, images, photographs, drawings, animations, music, programs and other work (hereinafter referred to as "contents"). Copy right and other (including the author of personal rights, neighboring rights) owned by the company or the copyright of the owner.
Subject of a prior right to the Company and the contents of the written consent is prohibited beyond the scope permitted by copyright law and the personal use of the content reproduction, public communication (including the possibility of transmission), oral, exhibition, distribution, transfer, loan, translated, adapted, abridged, reproduced and other acts. However, the tips on this site have individual conditions, and it's the first application of the conditions.

Applicable law and dispute resolution:
About this website apply to all applicable PRC laws.
The disputes about this website to the company's headquarters in the first instance, the jurisdiction of the court of the exclusive jurisdiction.

If you wish to link to this site, please fill out the site's content, address, purpose of the link, link side of the site, which you wish to link to this site's URL, name and address, and telephone confirmation and sent to liz@linkageworld.com Tel: 0755-25912596, but the company can refuse to appropriate the links. But link to this site because of the disputes and losses, and the company does not undertake any responsibility.

Personal Information:
The companies have obtained related to this site's personal information, it will be based on the company's personal information protection guidelines.

Personal information protection guidelines:
For the smooth conduct of the business, Linkage Technology Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") will obtain and apply the user's name, address, telephone number, E-mail address and other information. The important for users is the above personal information (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information"), the company formulated the following guidelines should be properly protected.
1.The Purpose
The company doing business in the process of completion operations which required obtaining the personal information which will be used for the company and related business purposes.
2.The management and protection
The company will provide the proper management of the use of personal information. In addition, to prevent the information leakage and to prevent the unauthorized access to the outside world and the dangerous, it takes an appropriate level of security measures to ensure that the users' personal information to security management.
3.to provide Third Party
In addition to the circumstances required by law, the Company will not without the consent of the company's management to a third party outside of the company to provide the personal information.
4.Open, Public
About our personal information when users asked to disclose their own personal information, in addition to the relevant provisions of laws and regulations. The company will manage the user in the assessment of applicants to be open with us.
5.modify, add and delete
Regarding to our personal information, user requirements change, add or delete their own information, the company will do it for the user and to verify the applicant himself, and the content for the facts to modify, add or delete.
6.Stop using and remove
Regarding to our personal information, users demands to stop using, delete or cease to provide its own information of third parties, the company will do it for himself, after verifying the applicant, and to determine the user's request which is reasonable to stop using, remove or cease to the third parties.
7.The acceptance window
The company's personal information removed the requirements of the 4, 5, 6 and personal information fo the company applicable to inquiries or complaints, etc. it will accept the following acceptance windows. In addition, the acceptance procedures in accordance with the provisions of the company's separate procedures, but it do not accept non-disclosure in accordance with the procedures and other requirements. Please kindly understand.

Acceptance Window

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