Linkage Software is the business leading vendor of the production and cost management solutions. It based on customer operate scale, stage of development and characteristics of the industries. In the program, it helps business planning, procurement, manufacturing, quality, efficiency, inventory and others to provide the best solution.
  Hardware Machinery Industry
  - Development of scientific and timely production planning, to guide the production management and decision making
- Fully controlled the outsources of the processing business
- To establish the enterprises which improve the cost management and the cost of control mechanisms
- To achieve enterprise integration and sharing of management information


  Electronics Assembly Industry
  - To improve program management
- Credit control and accounts receivable management
- Materials and parts Recognition management
- Plug-in Location management


  Plastic Industry
  - Mold and equipment management
- Colors management
- The product expiry warning
- Semi-finished / finished product batch management


  Mold Industry
  - Mold manufacturing feature is during the production process, it used tailor-made of the production
- The production process management as the core, considering the overall demand for enterprise information
- To ensure quality, reduce the costs and shorten the production cycle of the target expire
- Systems use the advanced component-based design mode, which can be functional and flexible to configure, also easy to expand


  Furniture Industry
  - Provide the plans, and multi-task batch to complete the orders
- Provide the product standards process and the standard working hours, scientifically formulate the production plans
- The system provides efficient sales information inquiry function, and the various types of effective sales analysis reports


  Gift Industry
  - Established by the parts lead time and to organize the production of planning mode
- According to the order manufacturing and to order the assembly, shorten the delivery period
- To respond the orders changing and needs, reasonable adjustment to the production plan content
- Using stepwise calculation of the cost and to carry-over method according to the parts


  Printing Industry
  - Using an intelligent production scheduling plan for the baseline information flows the management, to ensure accurately and on-time delivery completion
- Fast, accurate, and flexible printing quotation, also valuation problems
- Solve the complex printing costs problem


  The Chain Management System
  - Support N-tier chain management
- Customers can customize the chain of business mode and transmission of data streams
- Flexible store management system, which can be integrated to the distribution, also able to operate independently by others branches



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